The Nippon Foundation is a non-profit philanthropic organization that was established in 1962. It is active in Japan and around the world. Initially its efforts focused largely on the maritime and shipping fields, but since then the range of its activities has expanded to education, social welfare, public health, and other fields—carried out in more than 100 countries to date. Together with more than 20 partner organizations in Japan and worldwide it is funding and assisting community-led efforts aimed at realizing a more peaceful and prosperous global society.

Asia Philanthropy Congress (Aphic)

The Nippon Foundation will launch the Asia Philanthropy Congress in Tokyo on November 19, 2022. It aims to leverage our extensive network to build a platform that will seek solutions to social problems through cross-sectoral collaboration. It will also provide a venue for setting agendas to address Asia’s social issues as well as facilitating dialogue among philanthropists, foundations and other stakeholders throughout Asia.


The Nippon Foundation has worked for 60 years at the forefront of efforts to remedy social problems in the field associated with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Today, our areas of focus include the elimination of leprosy, support for persons with disabilities, maritime and marine issues, income generation for rural communities and multi-pronged support aimed at peace and stability in Myanmar.
This year, in celebration of the Foundation's 60th anniversary, we will launch the Asia Philanthropy Congress, leveraging our extensive networks both at home and abroad to build a platform that will seek solutions to social problems through cross-sectoral collaboration.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the shortcomings of contemporary society, such as its fundamental instability, uncertainty and complexity.
Today, as global society changes at an unprecedented rate, it has become imperative for Asia, as the planet’s fastest-growing region, to address global issues of human and environmental security.

Recent years have seen a diversification of actors involved in social issues, with private businesses, and social entrepreneurs in particular, becoming increasingly engaged in fields traditionally addressed by philanthropies. This trend calls for a reevaluation of the field and the creation of new and enhanced partnerships that span not only the traditional philanthropic sectors, but bring corporations, social entrepreneurs, and governments in as well, in order to address the complex issues faced by our societies.

The Asia Philanthropy Congress has been conceived as a venue for setting agendas to deal with the region’s social issues. It will facilitate dialogue among philanthropists, foundations and other stakeholders throughout Asia, facilitating the sharing and application of accumulated experience.


  • <Networking> Strengthen network among Philanthropy sector in Asia
  • <Discussion> Serve as a platform for discussion and agenda-setting regarding global and regional issues to which Asia can and should contribute
  • <Action> Create momentum for solution-driven alliances/ initiatives among the foundations in Asia

Themes/ Topics

  • High Level Roundtable: Future of Philanthropy and Social Innovation
    • What model should Asian countries aspire to in order to achieve a market economy that generates both social wealth and equitable social development?
    • What role should philanthropy play in addressing the social challenges posed by emerging social innovation and disruptive technology?
    • What kind of partnership between philanthropy and business should be pursued to bring desired development in Asia?


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The official language is English. Simultaneous interpretation (English -Japanese), International sign language and Japanese sign language are available.